Almost every night I experience a dream that, when shared with others, is described as strange, or worse. Now I will share them with the world, or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Feel free to analyze the dreams, I usually find the analysis more interesting than the actual dream.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Summer Trauma

Last night I dreamed it was summer and my brother and I were on the deck. My kid was swimming in the pool and then got out to play. My mom came out with us and sat me down to eat a snack with her. I refused because she was about to eat a bug. It was a huge mosquito looking thing and she took a leg and offered it to me. I was keeping an eye on my child playing in the yard. There was an old A-frame ladder nearby and after reaching the top, I heard a loud thud. I heard the crying and I was so scared there was a serious injury. Then I woke up.

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