Almost every night I experience a dream that, when shared with others, is described as strange, or worse. Now I will share them with the world, or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Feel free to analyze the dreams, I usually find the analysis more interesting than the actual dream.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Cops and Banks

Last night I dreamed I was a police officer involved in an arrest. The suspect was eating outside on the patio of a pizza place with a group of friends and kids. The arrest took place without incident but afterward, one of the women she was eating with acted odd. I stuck around to ask some simple questions and observe the situation. This woman was horribly obese and I noticed she kept cutting slices of pizza but wouldn't give them to the kids. The kids looked pale and unsure of what to do. I was asking simple questions and she couldn't answer them satisfactorily and I warned her that failing to co operate could mean intervention on behalf of the children. She got very angry and threw pizza at me. I called for backup and tried to subdue the woman (which proved quite difficult due to her size) and the scene we were making bothered me because the chidren started crying. The dream morphed to a house, in a living room, and I was redecorating this room. It was covered in wallpaper and wallpaper border, horrible carpeting, and big brassy fixtures from the 1980s. There were few things in the room, left over from the previous owner, like a painting, a shelf, etc. But in the closet was a strange item. It was a blue 'piggy' bank in the shape of someone's head. It wasn't a face or a bust-like sculpture, it looked like a superhero face when the superhero is incognito. I pulled it from the closet and showed it to my friend and his face looked shocked. He pulled out a picture of himself and his brother from when they were younger and in the background was this exact item. It was rare enough to doubt anyone else could have this thing but not totally impossible. We sat at a table in the kitchen and examined the bank. I couldn't tell where to try to open it but my friend knew exactly where to look. He started pushing in combination numbers and letters but it wouldn't open. I said 'Try your brother's birthday.' He did and the bank popped open. We were amazed. Then I woke up.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Spelling Bee and Tag

Last night I dreamed I was going to be in some sort of spelling contest and had to go to the elementary auditorium for practice with a few other people. After being there for a while I went to a new waterpark to have some fun. This was different in that the play area was hugely long. It was about as long as 4 Olympic sized swimming pools put end to end. The shallow end was quite shallow, would come up to cover only your feet, and the deep end was about 12' deep. In between were all kinds of seats and along the edge were various water guns and there were balls and dive rings. A group of friends were there and we decided to play tag in the pool. This was exhausting because you had to run/swim the length of the pool several times in one game. When I was 'it' I was chasing several friends from high school and one of them injured herself and was bleeding into the pool. The dream shifted into somebody's house with their three children. I was trying to help the mother (I know none of these people in real life) get her kids washed and ready for bed. The dream again changed and I was laying in bed, awake, writing things down on the sheets of the bed. I woke up.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Family Farms

I dreamed my family owned a farm, well, half of a farm. Our family and another family owned the land and the buildings and we shared everything. While in the barn working one morning, I was across from a worker for the other family, it was someone I know in real life. I looked over at what he was working on - making mashed potatoes. Instant mashed potatoes. I teased him for using boxed potato flakes and having to read the box for step by step directions. When he was finished, he plopped a pile of gel looking goo onto the counter and it didn't look anything like mashed potatoes. We laughed and then the dream moved to me standing in the kitchen trying to pack a lunch for my daughter and I couldn't find her lunchbox. I woke up.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Beds and Bathrooms

I dreamed a friend of mine was buying a new bed. The ever adventurous guy he is decided to have fun with the old mattress before throwing it out. His wife and kids, myself, and some other people took the bed to a secluded park area with small waterfalls and used the bed as a sled on the water. We all took turns with some daring stunts and everybody had fun. The dream shifted into a situation where I was at some get together and had to use the bathroom. I did my business then realized the toilet paper in the stall was all wet. Not only was it wet, it was red. It looked like somebody had used the roll of toilet paper to clean up a greusome murder secene. I was quite frustrated and was hoping someone else would come into the bathroom soon so I could trouble them for some toilet paper. I woke up then.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Pizza and Festivals

Last night I dreamed I visited a friend and we decided to get some pizza. We ordered the pizza then I joined my family in a truck to go pick it up. Surrounding the pizza place was a festival of some sort with rides, craft tents, and food. We decided to check it out a bit before getting the pizza. We split up and I headed to look at crafts. After a bit of wandering I decided to find the others but couldn't find them easily. Then, the guy from American Pickers showed up (the shorter stockier guy) and was helping find the others. We passed by this patch in field that was painful to walk across, it was so bumpy. We moved some of the dirt to find out what was under there. All I could see were bones but he pulled out what looked like a dog with a large head and small body. We thought it was a small burial patch for pets but then the 'dog' moved in his arms. He dropped it and as we reexamined the field, lot's of 'dogs' were wiggling around. They were small dogs that looked like bones and muscles on the outside of their skin! We quickly moved on and found the rest of my family. We went through another large craft tent and noticed several different kinds of pets in small cages. Something caused all the cages to fall and open up so lots of animals went running around. We didn't think much of it, besides what a mess they had to clean up and how hard it would be to chase down all those animals. We picked up our pizza and went home, which wasn't far away. As we sat on the couch, watching TV and hanging out, I noticed a small ball of fur scurry by. I screamed and everyone tried to figure out what it was and where it came from. It took some doing but we finally caught it; it was a small porcupine, with purple quills, one of the small animals escaped from the nearby festival.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Going for a Jog

I dreamed I was sitting on someone's back patio behind a lovely large home. I had the urge to go for a jog but since it had been raining alot lately, and at the moment was misty, I debated whether or not I should. I finally decided to go ahead so I grabbed my sneakers and laced up. Instead of going through the house, I started running around it. It was very muddy and I was trying to avoid big puddles and mud. I had to duck to get around a dry docked sailboat, around which was ankle deep water. I recall smelling a slight sewer-ish odor, no doubt from the water logged septic system. I headed down the gravel driveway and out into the road and I kept trying to pick up the pace but it seemed no matter what I did I could not run with any amount of speed. My feet were making squishy noises from all the water in my sneakers and my face was being pelted by rain. My hair was getting soaked and between the squishy noises and the sound of the rain hitting the pavement, it was quite noisy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Head Trauma and Beach Parties

I dreamed I was pregnant and at the mall. I wanted to use the mall people mover because it was easier to get around that way. The people mover was made of water (basically like a big water slide) so I suited up and headed in. There were two men near me on the water people mover, one young guy and the other an older gentleman. The young guy made his exit and the older gentleman and myself continued on for a bit. We were going to the same place and the water slows down, gets shallower, and allows you to prepare for a twisty slide for the exit. The old man seemed to have difficulty preparing to exit but I was able to slow down and situate myself. As we rounded the bend, about to drop down, the old man slipped and fell over the railing, onto the floor, head first. I looked over in horror then started down myself. Once at the bottom I went over to the man and saw blood and called for someone to call 911. I talked to the man and he started to put his arm out like he wanted me to help him stand up. I told him he should stay where he was. The dream shifted into another situation. I was at a beach house with many other people for a party. I dreamed an old high school friend became a photographer and I talked with a few people he'd taken pictures of and they all were very pleased. I decided to have my pictures done, some nice, some risque. I purchased an enticing little ensemble at a nearby store and got on a bus to take me to the beach for the shoot. I chatted with another high school friend on he bus and when I arrived I was so nervous but excited. The pictures would be taken on the beach, close to sunset so there would be lots of possibilities in angles and lighting. Once I arrived at the meeting spot, I couldn't harldy believe who showed up with the camera, ready to work. Then I woke up.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

School Mates, Ninja Cats, and Waterparks

Last night I dreamed I received a phone call from a girl I went to school with years ago. Even though she called me she was unsure of who I was. I tried using an inside joke to help her remember but she still didn't recall alot of stuff. As I slept, the dream morphed into another situation involving cats. I was in an unknown house with the door to the basement open calling the cats upstairs. As they came upstairs I was counting them to be sure they were all accounted for. I started to close the basement door but heard a small voice calling out, 'Help, Grandma!' It sounded like a child's voice but there were no children around. I continued to close the door but could still hear a muffled, 'Help, Grandma!' I went downstairs, cautiously, and looked around. After a few minutes, from the bottom shelf of a bookcase, out popped a tiny kitty, dressed in a black ninja outfit. When spotted, the cat tried to retreat into the bookcase again but after some coaxing, the cat came out and let me pet it. I could see only part of the cat's eyes because of the ninja costume (which also included a small sword, by the way) but I decided to pick the cat up and bring it upstairs. The dream again morphed into an altogether new situation involving some former neighbors and their kids, as well as my family, all visiting a waterpark. I must have woken up because that's really all I remember, I do not recall any details.