Almost every night I experience a dream that, when shared with others, is described as strange, or worse. Now I will share them with the world, or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Feel free to analyze the dreams, I usually find the analysis more interesting than the actual dream.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cats and House, MD

Last night I dreamed my cat (that passed away last year) was alive. I heard him meow but assumed it was another cat but when I looked down, it was him. I was so excited that he went to the food bowl to eat and was feeling better. The other thing I remember was hanging out with the cast of House but they weren't characters, they were actual doctors. We were in a big old very nice house with leather furniture and a huge outdoor garden. There were cases to be worked on so they all got to work.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Buying Makeup

Last night I dreamed I went to a big outdoor sale. I stopped at a makeup booth and took a look at the products. I was allowed to try them out by the woman who ran the booth, Katey Segal (aka Peggy Bundy). I knew she was up to something but I really did like a couple of the things I tried. I asked about the sale she had advertised. I quickly found out it wasn't as good as advertised but figured I could get around it. I grabbed the next two people waiting in line and we pooled our order so we could take advantage of the sale. I moved on to another booth that was selling various pillows. I liked some of the unique small decorative pillows and they were inexpensive so I bought a few. When I got home I emptied out my bags to look over what I had purchased and Joaquin Phoenix came by. He wasn't himself, however, he was mentally challenged. He picked up one of the pillows and made some strange observation about it. I told him it was OK and he walked away, laughing. I put everything away and then I woke up.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Old Friends

Last night I dreamed I met with a friend to see a show. We hadn't seen each other in a while so it was nice to hang out together. We didn't have enough money for two tickets (we realized when we showed up) so we snuck into another area and watched on jumbo screens nearby. We were having a good time, laughing and snacking and watching all the happenings, when I recognized somebody. I saw someone I used to have feelings for. I moved so he wouldn't notice me and as far as I could tell he didn't. After the show my friend had to go so I was left alone. I was looking around trying to find an easy way out that wouldn't get me noticed. I started walking and then paused to let a group of people pass by. While I was standing still someone came up behind me and wrapped their arms around my waist. I was startled but felt oddly calm. He let go enough for me to turn around and it was who I thought it was. I was afraid of what would happen next but he just smiled at me and said how happy he was to see me. We talked and caught up then he brought me over to a group of his friends and family. We all talked a bit then he offered to take me home. I accepted and we started walking to the parking lot. Then I woke up.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


The other night I dreamed we moved to another state into a temporary house. We didn't fully unpack everything, just enough to get us through. We had some friends and their kids visit and found out my friend was pregnant again. Things were chaotic in the house with boxes everywhere and the kids playing but my friend and I tried to clear out a space to sit and talk. At one point she was sitting on the stairs trying to slide a box out of the way and when she did, a baby bunny startled her. We picked up the bunny wondering where in the world it could have come from. I saw a small box in another corner and went to get it to use as a little safe place to put the rabbit in. When I moved that box, another bunny hopped out. I looked for a slightly bigger box and when I found one there was a rabbit behind it too. The kids came running in each holding a bunny. Where were all these rabbits coming from? We bought a large cage and put them all together and started making a plan to get them all adopted by other families but until then we had fun cuddling all the soft fuzzy cute baby bunnies.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Stilt Skating

Last night I dreamed I was in my old neighborhood and found some roller stilts in the garage. These are stilts with small tires in them so you strap in your feet and 'skate' but you're much higher in the air. I decided to strap them on and skate through the neighborhood. Not far from the house, while trying to navigate a series of hills, I lost control and crashed into someone's driveway. I looked around and saw a huge family staring at me. There were toddlers all the up to adults, obviously in the middle of playing and having a good time, just staring at me. Then they sprung into action, helping me up, getting my skates, fixing them, and asking if I was hurt. I seemed OK so I tried telling them not to worry and tried to excuse myself from ruining their function. I skated away, heading back to the house, and got a phone call from a friend so I told him all about what had just happened. He laughed and laughed.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

More Pizza and Waterslides

Last night I dreamed I was out with my dad. It was winter and we were going somewhere. We were using a sled but we weren't going fast enough on the parkway because it was too flat. So I got out our 3 wheeler; a Honda big red ATV like we had when I was a kid, just a tricked out version. But after doing all this I told my dad we'd be too late to do anything so we decided to just pick up a pizza and head back home.
The dream shifted to me sliding down a huge water slide and right before I splashed down in the pool below I woke up but when I woke up, I gasped for air, preparing to go into the water.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Drunken Birthdays

Last night I dreamed it was my birthday. I had $245 in my pocket and planned to go out with some friend from high school. One of my friends, however, noticed I was drunk and didn't want me to make any stupid decisions so he took my money. This upset me because I had plans to go out and eat and continue to drink with friends. He wanted to party too but felt it was better to keep my money. I kept after him to get my money back by being angry, funny, and begging, nothing worked though. After a few hours and I sobered up a bit he gave me my money and I gave him a big hug for looking out for me. Then we went out and partied.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pizza and a Date

Last night I dreamed a local sub shop was also a pizza joint and my dad and I went there late one night after hanging out all evening. The place closed at 11pm on weeknights but we were just in time. There was hardly anybody in there and the employees were beginning to clean and get ready to close. There was a rather attractive guy in there and I glanced at him a few times and I noticed he looked at a me a couple of times. My dad suggested I go talk to him but I was too shy. After we ate and talked a bit we left and headed home. We didn't get home til about 2am and I went to bed. Meanwhile, my dad called the pizza/sub place and left a message. The next day I found out he left a message for the 'cute guy' and gave him our number and said he should call and ask me out. Then I woke up.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brainless Romance Store

Last night I dreamed I was with my in laws watching TV. A commercial came on for a new store. It was a store for men to shop for the special person in their life easily and effectively. They showed the store complete with jewelry, flowers, chocolate, and other different unique gifts. My father in law laughed and dismissed it as ridiculously stupid. I understood his sentiment but smiled and said it wasn't entirely stupid. It certainly didn't suit him because he thinks differently and has his own ideas on how to show his wife she's special. But I explained a lot of men are not as creative and need a step by step guide (so to speak) on shopping for nice gifts. Of course I wouldn't really want anything from that store, I thought to myself, because I'm the one that says the one day NOT to bring me a dozen roses and a box of chocolate is Valentine's Day. Don't be brainless, put some effort into it. Our conversation back and forth continued all while my mother in law sat still, smiling. Then I woke up.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

This and That

I've not been able to remember many dreams lately just bits and pieces. It's not unusual to see planes and helicopters where my parents live but I dreamed a helicopter made several passes over the house, each time flying lower. Finally it was so low it was unmistakable the helicopter wanted to see inside the house. My family (parents, husband, brother) all huddled in the dining room trying to figure out why this was happening. I took my camera and snapped several pictures of the helicopter hovering right outside the window. Another dream involved walking down a city street and someone rushing at me. I instinctively punched them three times and smashed his face three times. I then ran to the other side of the street and was joined by someone who knew what was going on and guided me into a small private building. It was a small club with a large pool and a lazy river. I was confused but there were several people gathered at a table in red swimsuits and they looked concerned. I told them what had happened and they seemed to explain what was happening. We had to come up with a way to escape. I woke up.