Almost every night I experience a dream that, when shared with others, is described as strange, or worse. Now I will share them with the world, or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Feel free to analyze the dreams, I usually find the analysis more interesting than the actual dream.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Mish Mash

Last night I didn't dream a flowing story-line dream. I rather had snippets of dreams. In one, I was helping behind the scenes of a play. I had to help one of the actresses hit her mark and feed her the lines when necessary. This actress was such a diva and drove everybody nuts. One evening during rehearsals, because she wanted everything to be perfect, we were having to stay very very late. Finally the director said it was 5.30am. I was so angry, I stood up, went directly to her, and slapped her in the face then walked out. The next dream was 30 miles off the coast of Florida on a small private island. Several friends and I were hanging out, enjoying the sun and water when we noticed a jellyfish that was swimming directly to my mom. She tried swimming out of it's path but it was coming right at her. I looked over and noticed a big guy, tanless, in shorts and he had ankle tattoos. He was talking into a small microphone and saying, "left, right, straight, right." He was controlling the 'jellyfish.' I threw a sharp object at him so he couldn't speak and then we got out of the water. In the next dream, I was dropped off in a parking lot assuming I could ride home with my dad. I saw my dad's truck in the parking lot so I figured I could track him down in the store. I had to use the bathroom anyway so I rushed inside, used the bathroom, grabbed a few grocery items, and was scanning the store for my dad. I didn't see him so I called his cell phone. When he answered I could tell there was alot of background noise and I asked where he was. He was about two hours away, in the same store, but at a different location. I was completely confused. In the last brief dream I had, I was helping to test a hearing device. I went to the office of the inventor and spoke with a woman at the front desk. She said he was out of the office for now and she didn't have any other information for me. I was a little frustrated but she couldn't help me. He suddenly showed up, made quite an entrance into the office with his friendly loud voice. It was my high school biology teacher. He looked surprised but pleased by my being there and he invited me into his office. I started to tell him about my findings and he just grabbed me and started ballroom dancing me around the room. Then I woke up.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Under Attack, Sort Of

Last night I dreamed while washing dishes I noticed four chipmunks run into the yard. They were followed by a raccoon and a fox. It seemed like the fox leaned over to the coon and was talking into his ear. It raised a paw and pointed to the house. I was wondering what in the world that could mean so I went and got my brother and my husband. By the time we returned to the window, the animals were gone but there were 6 people in the yard throwing things at the house. They made their way all the way around the house and they were yelling. They went around the house again, this time squirting water from large water guns. I couldn't understand who would do this or why. Shortly after they finally went away I received instant messages on Facebook. The screen name was Berry Berries and the messages were full of nonsensical rants. I didn't understand why the person was angry but based on some of the complaints I started realizing who all was involved. Then I woke up.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Valentine's Day Surprise

Last night I dreamed my husband and I went on a trip for Valentines day. We reserved a hotel room for two nights and after dropping off our luggage we started exploring the town. We toured a power plant and had alot of fun doing all the experiments. Then we went to a mall. This mall was huge! It was 5 stories high and had hundreds and hundreds of stores from all over the world. It was on the 5th floor that I received my Valentines surprise. There were several tables set up and other people enjoying a delicious looking gourmet dinner. I was excited and hungry so I really enjoyed dinner. After dinner everybody started to mingle and we met a few other couples. Then the women were told to sit down and relax. The men started presenting gifts, toasts, and other surprises for their significant other. I couldn't believe it, some of the gifts and speeches were adorable and so lovely. I was getting more excited to see what my gift was! Every time one man finished, I'd hope my husband would step up next. But he didn't. This time? No. OK, surely it will be this time. No. And I thought, 'Don't tell me I'm last! He knows how hard it is to wait for surprises! No way is he making me last.' Oh he did. When he showed up, he gave me a card and said he loved me. I was all smiles. Then he sat down. That was it. I was confused. Not that his card or saying he loved me wasn't nice, it was. But after witnessing what I had from all the other men and couples, I anticipated more so was confused. We were then back in the shopping area of the mall and he said he wanted to check out a particular store but I wanted to explore some other things. We split up and agreed to meet at a certain time. I went off to check out some stores then took a seat on a bench to 'people watch.' I then realized the time and started heading back but got disoriented. I got a text asking where I was and then figured out how to get back so I headed to the hotel. Then I woke up.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Fun House Mall

Last night I dreamed I had a handicapped friend who wanted to go to the mall. He was in a wheelchair and had a wheelchair accessible van so getting to the mall was no problem. We had to find the most easily handicap accessible entrance and after that we just enjoyed the shopping. After exhausting the stores on the lower level my friend wanted to go the second level. We started looking for an elevator. We kept finding escalators but that just wouldn't work, we needed an elevator. I was getting pretty upset that the mall didn't have easily found elevators or ways for the handicapped to get upstairs. After looking for quite some time I was infuriated. I approached mall management was angry about the situation. I was finally directed down a hallway so off we went. There were many twists and turns to this hallway and it was cluttered with junk. I was still quite angry that just going upstairs was so difficult. We came around a corner and saw Charo, in full costume, dancing in the hallway. It was bizarre but pretty funny. She approached my friend and chatted a few minutes then we headed for the elevator. We entered and I breathed a sigh of relief. But that didn't last long. There was something about the elevator that looked odd. All of a sudden we were going down, falling, quickly. It stopped and we were suddenly going up, fast. I didn't know what to think bu I was scared for our safety. Once the doors opened we emerged from the elevator to see cameras and a man with a microphone. We were on some hidden video show. I was so angry I could have spit nails at this 'host' but I didn't say anything. I answered his questions then whispered a question in his ear, "How do we get out of here?" He just looked around and motioned back to the elevator. I figured it was worth a shot so I turned my friend around and we went back into the elevator. It went up and it went down and back up again and when the doors opened we were outside. That was fine, at least we were out of that mall. I woke up.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Last night I dreamed a sort of Groundhog Day meets Camelot dream. At my parent's house (which was a small castle) I was with several other girls outside in the yard and there were men on horses. I was in some sort of danger and a knight came to rescue me. As he rode past very quickly he was trying to grab me to get me onto his horse. He missed. I was attacked my some unseen creature. The dream started over and I was again in danger and the knight sped toward me and threw himself off the horse to shelter me. He missed and I was attacked. The dream again started over and I was in danger. The knight rode as fast as he could and abruptly stopped and threw me onto the horse and slapped the horse so he'd run. The knight stayed and fought the creature but died. The dream started over again and this time the knight ran to me on foot, picked me up, and called for a horse. We both rode off as fast as we could. I woke up.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

ER Reunions

Last night I dreamed I was in the ER to check on a friend (someone I went to middle school with). While in the waiting room another man was brought it and he had the exact same name as my friend and was brought it for the exact same problem. I was instantly worried that staff might confuse the two so I immediately went to a nurse and started explaining what I'd witnessed and tried to come up with a way to tell the two apart. To take my mind off of my friend's condition, I went to the mall and walked around a little bit. (This mall is no longer in existence.) I was walking around and noticed a guy in the food court that seemed familiar. I couldn't tell if it really was who I thought it was so I decided to call out his name. (I went to camp with this friend.) I did and he looked at me and after a moment said my name. We both smiled and hugged each other, surprised to see each other after so many years. He was there with his dad so I went over and talked to his father a few moments. I woke up.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Water Wars and Shopping

Last night I dreamed I went to a restaurant/bar by myself. I was worried I'd look like such a loser but I was really in the mood for the food at this place. Things were quite active this night, the place was packed and a football game was on. I didn't have to wait though because a table for one was readily available. I tried not to make eye contact with anybody being shown to my table. I sat down and started looking at the menu when something started happening in the kitchen. Whatever the hubbub was started spilling out into the restaurant. I found myself being bumped into by the kitchen staff and an airplane beverage cart. The floor gave way and we fell a few stories below and it was water. The delivery ship set sail and we swam to it. We were out to sea within minutes and we were being chased by bad people. The dishwasher from the restaurant strapped a small engine to the beverage cart and two of us got onto it and started to try escaping. It was working! The dream changed to being in the house of some friends of my family. Walking into their master bedroom I was in awe of their walk in closets. They stretched the length of an entire wall! I noticed the ceiling beams were exposed and they laid shelving boards across them and put boxes up there. I noticed all of the interesting outfits and shoes hanging all over the room, she'd just been shopping. I was in love with a certain pair of red heels. I stopped by a consignment store (mostly of children's stuff) and was shopping for a special tricycle, one for an adult with a built in child seat in the back. My little girl was just about 10 months old and I thought it would be fun go on bike rides. My mom was with me and we picked one out. I then found myself in a grocery store and ran into my cousin in the check-out line. We started to talk but didn't want to hold anybody up so it was a disjointed conversation but she invited me over to her house. As I was finishing up my business in the store I ran into my other cousin (the previous one's brother). He was very exciting to see me, gave me a huge hug and wanted me to meet him later for drinks. I told him his sister invited me to her house and he should come too. He seemed hesitant but said he'd be there. It was summertime so my cousin had a small pool set up in the backyard and we all had a good time playing and talking. That was it, I woke up.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Giant Me

Last night my dream started in a very Gulliver's Travels type feel. I dreamed I fell out of the sky into a desert village that had several houses built into rock cliffs. I felt bad that my large body destroyed so many small houses. I actually found a house that was my size so I couldn't help but investigate. I went in, thinking it was empty, and was startled to find a friend of my mother's. She explained she owned the house and I wondered why she owned a house in a mini-village. I liked the house very much, felt very cozy, and she and I had a good time looking at photo albums and talking about all the memories she's had in the house. The only thing I didn't like was one bedroom being adjoined to another bedroom and it had no access to the hallway, you had to go through one room to get to the other. But I looked at the design and structure and determined I could make a door from the hallway. That was it for the dream, I woke up.

Friday, January 14, 2011


Last night I dreamed I was hanging out with my brother and sister-in-law who, for some rason, lived in a large old sparcely furnished house. They also had several dogs, several large breed loud dogs. There was a substantial back yard so the dogs spent alot of time outside. I was helping them get ready because we all had plans to go out. Just as we were ready to leave my brother got a call on his cell phone. It was somebody complaining about his dog, that he'd destroyed something. We went to the backyard and the neighbor whose yard backed up to my brother's had quite a collection of junk on his property. One thing was an old waterbed that had been left near a shed right on the property lines. It looked like the dog had chewed through parts of the bed. We didn't understand what the big deal was; on one hand, yes, the dog helped to destroy the bed. On the other hand, there evidently were no big plans to use this bed since it's been left outside in the weather for weeks so what was some chewing going to take away from it? We finally left to go out and there was some mysterious phone calls coming into my brother's and sister-in-law's phones. Whenever I asked about the strange sounding conversations he'd tell me not to worry about it. We arrived at a very fancy building in the middle of a park area and my brother stopped the car, turned to me, and said, "I'm going to explain something to you. You need to do something but not ask questions. This is an FBI apartment building. You need to go inside to address 4591 and get something for me. That's it." I didn't understand but before I could ask anything, I was outside of the car trying to figure out how to get inside the building. You couldn't just walk through the front doors, you had to have a special key and code to enter. I quickly figured it out and I was in the lobby. The building was quite ornate and I was looking for a way to get some direction without looking like I was lost. I needed to blend in so I just started down a hallway and started figuring things out as I went. At one point I found myself in a large bathroom, half for boys, the other for girls, but I accidently discovered it had trap doors and false walls in case of emergencies an escape could be made. I was able to find my way out of the bathroom and located the correct address. As I sat in the hallway, trying to figure out how to get access inside the apartment, my cell phone beeped - I had a text message. It was from my ex-husband. He said he was close by and he wanted to see me. I woke up.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Music Lessons

The other night I dreamed a classmate from high school and I went to take a class at our old high school. This class was taught by a former teacher from our school and the first night of class we were late. I apologized and later when he had a moment, we talked for a bit. The next class, my orchestra instructor from elementary school was there. I was surprised to see her and she kept talking about orchestra and reminding me about music. I looked at her funny and she said she wanted me to come back to orchestra and play again. I told her I really didn't think I could even though I've missed it over the years. She asked if she could talk to me in private and I agreed. I thought we'd step out into the hallway but we continued walking down the hall, then out the door, across the street, into another building, and up the stairs. I was wondering where in the world we were going and why we were going to far away but listened to all she had to say. I looked around and realized we were in a waiting room for a doctor's office, a pediatrician. My mother worked there, as a nurse, and she stepped out and said hello. My ochestra instructor continued on about trying to convince me to play the violin again and I listened and listened, then I woke up.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Hot Air Balloons, Floors, and Murderers

Last night I dreamed the girl that lived a few doors down when I was growing up got really into hot air ballooning. She took hot air balloon rides daily and was trying to perform dangerous stunts. One day, while looking out the window, I noticed her up in the sky. All of a sudden the lower portion of the balloon twisted and it sent the basket swirling around. My eyes grew wide, hoping she was OK, but I couldn't see her anymore because she drifted behind some trees. The dream shifted into my parent's house and I was helping them remodel. We had pulled up the carpet in the living room, dininig room, and stairs, exposing the hardwood, and pulled up the kitchen floor. The wood needed to be refinished so we started working on that but because it was Christmas time and we had family get togethers we couldn't spend much time working on the floors. Someone brought some Christmas presents and laid them on the floor. The dream changed to a college campus. I was in college and preparing for a special dinner for students when the school went on lock-down because of an escaped prisoner, a killer. It was snowing outside and there was already several inches on the ground. For some reason, I went outside, then found myself running from this killer. I was so upset it had been snowing because it was easy for him to follow me, just following my tracks in the snow. I was trying to figure out what to do next but I woke up.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Prickle Bushes

Last night I dreamed I was on my porch getting my daughter on the bus to school. It was warm outside and since I didn't plan on leaving my porch, I was barefoot. I was holding something in my hand and it dropped onto the porch. I picked it up but when I did something hurt my hand, it stung. I took a closer look at the concrete and noticed a squirming centipede. I took another look at my hand and noticed a small squirmy thing in my skin. I was surprised because I didn't know those animals could 'sting' and leave body parts behind. I started to pull it out but when I tried I could see a large squirming thing under my skin. It was like something out of Alien and I wanted to scream but kept calm and pushed and pinched until I could get it out. My neighbor was out on her porch with her younger daughter in her arms. Our kids got on the bus and we waved goodbye. I chatted with my neighbor a minute then went back inside to get something for her. When I came back out, she was no longer outside. I figured she must have had to go back in because her child needed something so I decided to go over and knock on her door. There wasn't much yard between our houses so I stayed barefoot and climbed down off my porch. I glanced down briefly at what I had in my hand and when I did I stepped on something that sent holy mortal pain through my left foot. I looked down and saw I had stepped into a large prickle bush and a string of Christmas lights, now broken. My neighbor's husband had been taking down the Christmas lights from their house over the past few days and was leaving the strands in the yard until he was completely finished. I lifted my foot up, thinking I would stop alot of the pain by getting it out of the prickles and broken glass, but my foot was stuck somehow. I wanted to scream and cry but again tried to remain calm and started trying to make noise so my neighbor would come outside. I hit the house, near her window, called her name and couldn't help but cry a little. She came outside and took one look at me and knew I was in some serious pain. She helped pull me out of the bush and sat me down in a chair on her porch. She then went inside to get some tweezers and helped pull the prickles out of my foot. I either woke up briefly or the dream shifted but I then found myself in my daughter's school. There were lots of parents in the building and it was the last day of school before a holiday break of some kind. I was not surprised but frustrated that my daughter's teacher, as well as several others, were substitutes. I thought to myself, 'If they don't want the kids to think of pre-holiday days as throw away days, why don't the teachers?!' I also didn't care for my child's sub because he was cranky and snooty. He assigned the class 16 pages of homework to be completed over the break. I apologized for being a little bit late, explaining I had injured myself that morning and that slowed me down. He seemed to not care whatsoever and I thought how much his attitude stunk. After visiting with my child's class a bit, I went back into the hallways where there were tables of snacks set up. I started saying hello to other parents and got a bite to eat. I then woke up.

Monday, January 3, 2011


Last night I dreamed I went on a field trip, a field trip with a group of adults, unlike any field trip! We went to a woods area and as we were milling around, trying to figure out exactly where to go next, I noticed my neighbor, dressed in all black. He had red paint on his face and long fingernails. I approached him to talk but he smelled really bad. He started waving his arms around and under his outstretched arms there was a cloud of mist or fog building. We didn't know what to do but it was certainly scaring us. A dog started barking and as we turned to look, my neighbor disappeared. We entered a strange looking house and started filling each room. I went upstairs with some others and since there were no lights, it was hard to see. The floors were bare natural wood and the house was very old. There wasn't any furniture in the place but it was full of spiderwebs and an odd smell. Before long, each room was packed with people and we could hear horrible noises but didn't know where they were coming from. I wanted to get out of the house and was trying to so squeeze around people and find the stairs to get out but it was taking forever to move around and I couldn't move fast enough. I woke up before I could get out of the house.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Friend's Wedding

Last night I dreamed friends of mine from high school wanted to renew their wedding vows. They basically re-did their wedding but made it a huge production that almost anyone could come to. They built special bleachers, several tiers, that could swivel and shift even when full of people. This allowed everyone to see all the events of the ceremony without leaving your seat. The ceremony was outdoors, beautiful, they served amazing food and the weather was wonderful. I had a great time, then I woke up!


The other night I dreamed I was an ATF agent involved in a bust of a drug house. I don't remember many details but I remember the feeling of the weight of my gear, standing outside the house, in the heat, just wanting it to be over. That dream didn't last long.