Almost every night I experience a dream that, when shared with others, is described as strange, or worse. Now I will share them with the world, or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Feel free to analyze the dreams, I usually find the analysis more interesting than the actual dream.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Long Island, NY

Last night I dreamed we took a trip. We took a ferry to Long Island, NY. The ferry boat was huge with lots of interesting things on board. When the boat arrived at LI it docked in a huge building that housed a gift shop, a few restaurants, a comedy club, an arcade and a huge lobby area. It was outfitted and decorated quite nicely. I noticed a security guy on an upper level in a corner. I checked another corner and there was another security guard. There was one in each corner. They were all young, very well built, and outfitted more like SWAT team members rather than an average security guard. They continually looked out the huge windows, out into the air, and down into the water, then would scan the crowd, and also the ceiling of the building. We made our way to the comedy club and had a seat. Before long a young man came out and performed. He was pretty entertaining. After about an hour we moved on elsewhere in the building to have dinner. For some reason we were quite dressed up. I was wearing a big beautiful emerald color ball gown and accessorized with some beautiful sparkly jewelry. Dinner was served in a huge dining area that had large tall cushy booths as well as big long tables. We were seated in a booth in a corner along with two other couples. One couple was older, married almost 40 years, the other couple was closer to our age. We ate dinner and it took hours because there were about 6 courses. After dinner we roamed around the dining room chatting with other people and just taking in the surroundings. When we went back downstairs we were back in our regular clothes and we had assigned seating for some reason. Also confusing was my husband and I were not seated together, he was a few rows behind me. We both took out our phones and texted each other since we couldn't carry on a face to face conversation. I could tell we were moving then all of a sudden it felt like we were falling out of the sky. Just as everyone was about to scream, rock music started playing and the comedian from the club popped up and announced we were on a unique airplane that would take us for a tour. He continued to narrate as we flew. We were able to go through parts of the city and I remember being amazed at the brick buildings; their age, their texture, they character. We went out over the water, did some rolls so you saw everything from every angle. It was a crazy ride! Then I woke up.

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