Almost every night I experience a dream that, when shared with others, is described as strange, or worse. Now I will share them with the world, or whoever stumbles upon this blog. Feel free to analyze the dreams, I usually find the analysis more interesting than the actual dream.

Monday, April 4, 2011


Last night I dreamed I was taking care of a little baby girl. One day, after being dropped off, we played for a bit then the phone rang. I didn't answer it but my dad did and he sounded mad. "I'm pulling up your drivers license right now!" he said. I was wondering what in the world was going on. Then he said he already called the police. When he got off the phone I asked what in the world that was about. He said it was a criminal doing cold calls trying to rip people off. During the conversation dad went online to look up the scam and found it to be just that, a scam, then went to a known criminals site. I was a little worried. The way he talked to this guy was pretty rough and that would only anger the criminal. A little while later I put the baby down for a nap and tucked her away in a different room. A few minutes later I heard a small noise. It sounded like the storm door but it was so faint. I peeked around the corner to look down the front hall and saw a young man, shirtless, covered with muscles and tattoos. His jeans were torn and he looked angry. He spotted me, gritted his teeth, and was growling. I backed away and my eyes were huge. I was trying to scream for somebody, people were downstairs, but I couldn't scream. I kept trying to yell but nothing would come out. Then I woke up.

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